Realistic Gorilla Costumes

The world truly loves a great performer inside a wonderful fantasy costume!  Hollywood has served up the best gorilla suits ever.  Movies that feature gorillas have always had a "guy in a suit" to cover the tough shots.  Did you ever see "Bride of Gorilla"?  Maybe not, since it was filmed in 1951!  That movie features a young Raymond Burr who turns into a gorilla and terrorizes his wife.  Then, in 1954, we tuned into "Gorilla at Large".  Since these early films, we have seen "Gorillas in the Mist" (1988), "Buddy" (1997), Snowflake, the White Gorilla (2011), "Mighty Joe Young" (1949 & 1998), "Tarzan" (1999), "Congo" (1995), "Battle for the Planet of the Apes" (1973) and many more.

Here's how performers control the face of the Gorilla Glue costume.  This face is much more animated then Colossus.  It takes two radio controllers just to perform the face!  Inside, there is a cooling fan helping the suit performer.

Advertisers also enjoy the benefits of this fascination!  Here's a small advertiser, Gorilla Trades.  Brutus the Gorilla is the gorilla costume featured in this website and video.

2014 Commercial for Gorilla Glue which makes use of a friendly gorilla (Custom built by Animal Makers) to spice up an otherwise boring product category.

Facial sculpture of an adult female gorilla

This is a sculpture of a Adult Female Gorilla that has been completed at Animal Makers.  The head and chest areas are main areas of difference between adult male and female gorilla costumes.

Video presents one of Animal Makers' suits called "Colossus".  This suit features a complete muscle layer inside.  The face is electrically animated and can be programmed ahead of time, or performed live for film.

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